... e-Gurukul is comprehensive software product that provides complete automation for an educational institution. This software guides the management, administration, student-community and faculty member for easy and comfortable running of the institution by enhancing the overall efficiency of the functioning of the institution.

e-Gurukul is a package, which includes various functionalities of a School. Functionality includes all core activities related to School management like Administration, Registration, Exams, Courses, fee collection, time table, attendance and payroll.

This application is highly user-friendly, yet maintains a high degree of confidentiality. The modules in this software are well structured, systematic and support meticulous usage. Security to data is well maintained by good inter-link of modules and using Encryption features of Database engine. Unique features have been incorporated to support timely and quick decision making, faster processing, executing in the hierarchy of jobs, safe accessing of records and report generation.

  • Master
  • Allotments
  • Enrollment
  • Progress Report
  • Account
  • Views/Search
  • Reports
  • Employee
  • Attendance
  • Time Table Management
  • Transportation Management
  • E-mail Facilities
  • SMS Alert

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