... If you find yourself wishing that you could clear out your file cabinet without losing access to your documents, Haya Soft has great news for you. Digital transfer from traditional print media has never been easier! Not only will you have access to all your printed materials, but they can also be organized and searchable for your convenience. Haya Soft provides you with the most reliable digitization options to simplify your workload. We are experts in processing large volumes of data required by major Corporate, private and Government organizations.

Digitization is one time activity for legacy data. Digitization helps easy access to information, lessens storage space and maintenance. It facilitates conversion of perishable data to a non perishable format, therefore bringing down the risk of information loss to almost zero. Our team has been working on this project for multiple clients using various forms of data like photographs, negatives, articles, books and more.

How is document digitizing different from scanning services?

Document scanning services is a service that is used to scan the hard copies of documents into scanned images.

Document digitizing on the other hand refers to is a process wherein data from newspapers, books, paper documents, business cards, periodicals or image files are converted into digitized data and delivered in any file format such as XML, HTML, PDF, Access, Excel, Word etc. The data can also be delivered in a media file.

Whatever be your choice - scanning services or document digitizing, you can count on Haya Soft for accurate, efficient and cost-effective services.

Type of work:
  • Digitization of documents in all sizes – A3, A4, A5, letter etc.
  • Digitization of newspaper cuttings
  • Digitization of photographs
  • Digitization of negatives
  • Digitization of books and articles

  • Permanent preservation of all your vulnerable physical documents
  • Easy storing advantages
  • Effortless duplication of data, therefore creating multiple copies
  • Quick and easy retrieval
  • Easy access
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy to share
  • Makes data compatible with all modes of digital data transfer
  • Resize of images to desired sizes.
  • Excellent resolution and clarity of digitized images
  • Able to convert to hard copy / print out is possible whenever needed.
  • Risk of damage, wear and tear is brought down to zero.
  • Ideal for schools & colleges, hospitals, industries, law courts, government and private offices.

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