Corporate Training

... Haya Soft has a High end training division. It provides continuous professional training to our technical team, clients, students, professionals and others to maintain their skill sets on par with the latest technologies.

Haya Soft provides qualified training and education to effectively prepare individuals for today's technology driven business environment. Students participate in live discussions/lectures and benefit from labs and exercises to advance their skills. Placement assistance is also provided to our trainees.

Various techniques are adopted for effective training.

  • Learning through problem solving:
  • Learners are trained to perform tasks using the knowledge and skills acquired during the real-life problem-solving process.
  • Task-based learning:
  • Trainees learn about performing tasks and the knowledge required to do them. Redundancy is minimized so that the time to learn is reduced.
  • Learning by owning the experience:
  • Learners have to create solutions for "on-the-job" problems.
  • Learning in the real-world environment:
  • Learners are exposed to the real-life resources, complexities, and challenges experts deal with. This helps to bridge the gap between the real-life environment and the learning experience.
We have a team of highly dedicated and efficient trainers who provide individual attention, flexible training environment and are well versed in the latest technologies, hence can cater to the training needs of present generation.

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