Business Process Outsourcing

Haya Soft is one of the growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations. At Haya Soft, we believe that in today’s competitive world, it is not adequate to remain proficient in your area of expertise, also diversified growth is indispensable.

We understand that outsourcing solutions is a vital faction of your business and we strive to maintain superiority and transparency in all our operations. Haya Soft can customize its services to meet your needs. Our clients entrust us to ensure highest degree of accuracy and cost efficiency. We cater to our client needs by providing time bound services.

As a Business Process Outsourcing Company, Haya Soft attracts people with innovative ideas & extensive ability to learn every new thing coming in the technology & business market and we are dynamically looking for candidates who have potential to be an intelligent team player & future leader of the team, strive our work force on different dynamic natured project contributes in personal development & dynamic personality building of our employees. Opportunity for expansion of knowledge & expertise with global exposure and diverse background.

Our wide range of projects prevents career of an individual at Haya Soft from being a static one. We provide opportunity to change roles & responsibilities of employees in different projects with the personal growth of the employees in mind. The executive procedures are designed to support this growth while the employees get pleasure from the freedom and responsibility to manage their career paths.

We at Haya Soft, are a team of young, dynamic and motivated technical experts that can handle the needs of your business in the twenty first century. Come talk to us and we will take that extra mile that makes all the difference in the world of business.

Since the past few years, we have been doing technical documentation, data conversion, translation, data entries, data processing and data management.

Digitization ...

Why outsourcing in Mysore?

Today off-shoring is closely termed as global services. Its time that service providers and clients around the world to realize, that this service has to come from the best location - nevertheless if its down the street or in some other part of the world. Customers do not care much about who is doing offshoring business. All they want is good service when they seek information. The consumer is also literally not aware about the other side of the business story like; it reduces cost on the company, when the company decides for outsourcing, and that it enhances shareholder value.

Mysore, is more known for its heritage and education. But less people know that Mysore is making a strong IT base. In the past few years, it has made considerable achievements in IT industry. Mysore marks as clear favorite as it has many software companies to be established in the near future. Encouraged by the quick development of the IT industry in Mysore, software has been chosen as one of the key areas of focus and BPO business in particular. It seems many prospective investors had long sensed that Mysore is capable of doing much more.

"Anywhere enterprises interested in outsourcing are demanding options for locating" With a huge talent pool and competitive price, Mysore views business process outsourcing as one of the potential growth sectors in the future. For some companies, talent itself has become the reason to set up a branch in Mysore.

Outbound Call Center Services

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Information Verification
  • Soft Lead Generation
  • Mortgage Lead Generation
  • Insurance Lead Generation
  • Credit Card Lead Generation
  • Market Research & Surveys
  • Debt Collection
  • Product and Service Promotion
  • Customer Retention
  • Sales Lead Qualification

Inbound Call Center Services

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Order Taking
  • Phone Answering
  • Product Information Request
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Web Solutions
  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Consulting

Non Voice Services

  • Data Transcription - Form Filling, Document Conversion, Data Entry
  • Digitization
  • Business Transcription
  • XML Tagging
  • HTML Tagging
  • Medical Billing
  • Technical Documentation
  • Pre press services – Typesetting, Pagination, e-Publishing, Graphic Designing, Multimedia